Our Story

The Vision

“My sister knit a little cat toy from furry yarn for my son’s second birthday. While my son was playing with the toy, my 150-pound Anatolian Sheepdog started to steal the toy. We all watched and laughed as our 2-year old boy and gentle giant ‘fought’ over who would get the toy. That is the moment we decided to do something with that furry yarn for dogs.


Our Cause

OoMaLoo pieces are handmade by women in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Anatolia. Doing needlework at home is one of the few ways these women have to earn income. With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives. In the age of high technology and machines, we value the skill and knowledge of these women. We are proud to work with them, thus both preserving traditions and creating beautiful products for the modern world.